Retirees recount encounters with pension fraudsters

03 March 2018
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Delays in payment of pension have exposed some retirees to pension fraudsters who call the unsuspecting senior citizens and demand payments to facilitate payment.

Pension Review Magazine found that the fraudsters have devised some antics to swindle pensioners and retirees, including posing as pension operators and regulators agents as wells investment experts

A retiree, told the Pension Review Magazine during a recent verification exercise in Abuja that while he was waiting for his pension, he got calls from anonymous persons who tried to swindle him.

He said one of them told him he could help him “fast-track” the payment of his pension if he could pay N100, 000.

“I asked him where will I get N100, 000. I have been without pension for three years. I depend on my children for survival,” he said.

The retiree said he suspected that it was a fraudster when the caller called back and reduce the N100, 000 to any amount he could afford.

“I told him to come and meet me face to face for the money but he asked me to pay the money into one account. I blocked him,” he said.

Another retiree, Franka Ufom, who retired in 2017, said she also got a call from unknown person asking her to pay so that he could facilitate her pension.

She said immediately she got the call, she knew it was from a fraudster because she and other retirees had been warned at the pre-retirement workshop she attended to watch out for such fraudsters.

Addressing some retirees recently in Abuja during a verification exercise, the Executive Director of the Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate (PTAD), Barrister Sharon Ikeazor, told the retirees to watch out for fraudsters pretending to be staff of the Directorate.

Barrister Ikeazor told the retirees that PTAD does not charge retirees for its services and they should not pay money to anyone who calls them to help them facilitate their pension.

Similarly, recently, the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) cautioned its retiring officers to beware of scammers disguising as insurance company agents luring them to invest their pension.

Speaking at a pre-retirement workshop organized by NPF pension Headquarters, the Managing Director of the NPF Pensions Limited, Hamza Sule Wurobokki, told the officers that the fraudsters only want to rob them of their fruit of labour.

Wurobokki said the fraudsters are always on alert to invite the retirees to join illegitimate business once they discovered that they received the arrears.

The retreat, he said, was organized following the directive by the IGP to sensitize officers retiring between January and June on procedures involved in enabling them to receive their pension with seamless effort, while preparing them for life after retirement.

While assuring the pensioners that there will be no delay in payment of their entitlement to them, the managing director said the IGP is very much concerned about the welfare of NPF retirees.

He added, “Currently we have paid virtually all that retired in 2016, for 2017, we are currently paying for January and February, and as soon as the approved right comes from Federal Government, there will be no delay in payment to the retirees.

He disclosed that NPF has set aside N400 million to be disbursed to NPF pensioners. 

“A pensioner relies on his pension, but also one can be useful and productive to themselves by engaging in some kind of venture, whether it is farming, animal husbandry or fishing, but whatever the kind of venture one goes into will supplement the family and keep you busy,” he advised them.


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