We must attack financial fraud before it occurs

04 January 2018


The Association of Forensic and Investigative Auditors (AFIA) in Nigeria has called on the government to attack financial frauds before they occur.

The president of the association, Mrs. Victoria Enape Ayishetu, who made the call in Abuja, said nipping fraud in the bud can only occur through forensic audit.

She spoke at the induction and training of new members titled “Transition to Forensic and Investigative Audit 2” held in Abuja. 

“Proactiveness is what we keep preaching.  We must be proactive in this respect because prevention they said is better than cure. We should not give room for fraud to take place before we start looking for whom to blame, and if this must be achieved, them our government must think outside the box urgently,”

“Sentiment can never be the solution now if the fight against corruption must succeed. Government needs to embrace this very association called Association of Forensic and Investigative Auditors in Nigeria to enable her assist in all ramifications,” she also said. 

According to her, this is “consequent upon the importance of forensic and investigative audit in fraud prevention and detection and the desire of the government to eradicate corruption from our dear country, a special call is being made today to Nigerian government and all stake holders to join hands in ensuring the passage of the bill of Association of Forensic and Investigative Auditors in Nigeria, which has all it takes to stop all forms of financial fraud and unethical behaviour in government and private organisations, by putting in place preventive measures with the use of advanced Auditing knowledge and technological tools.”



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