Starting a cocktail business

04 January 2018
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Cocktail is an appetizing juice mixed with flavouring ingredient and sweetener. It has various varieties including alcoholic speciality and could be served best when cold, during meal and after meal.

Health benefits

Experts say it helps in digestion, ease bowel movement, and also works as an anti-depressant and regulates blood pressure.

Common ingredients and combinations for the non-alcoholic type include: Zobo, kunnun aya (tigernut milk) kunnun zaki (millet drink) and kunnun tsamiya. There are other specialities like the fruit juice mixture of orange, watermelon, cucumber, among others.

Starting the business

Home to home delivery is the best option for start-ups as friends and families could be the first customers.

Develop a passion for the business because you might be turned down during this ‘trial version’.

Don’t focus on the profit yet, but on the quality and ensure it is different from what many could ‘simply’ do by themselves.

Ensure you build your knowledge on how to get affordable resources for your cocktails that could tackle the production cost.

As you grow, think of getting extra hand to enhance the delivery speed but don’t over employ in the first instance.

Again, add more value to it and sustain the quality

Keep to delivery time for customers who pre-order your package; it helps you to gain their confidence as many businesses grow through referrals.

Don’t be the ‘relaxing boss’, be deeply involved in every stage of the business at this point.

Don’t eat up your capital, you have not arrived yet!



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