Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide voice to the voiceless pensioners and a vehicle through which they will be exposed to other relevant information which may help them to take decision on insurance, mortgage, finance and general investments as well as other matters of their social well being.

Furthermore, Pension Review magazine offers its readers unparalleled coverage of the new emerging pension industry and with emphasis on the new regulatory laws and the activities of the major players in pension and other financial Services.

The magazine will provide for advertisers an elite audience, our pensioniers high ranking executives, pension administrators, professionals, investors and government officials. This will enables them stay informed and keep ahead of the competition.


Pension Review Magazine is the authoritative source of information on how these schemes and their sponsoring employers are working together to provide their members with an adequate retirement income.

Our case studies, news analysis and informed comment provide trustees, management teams and their providers with timely, practical information to inform their day-to-day jobs.

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